Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures at Cloud Speed

In today’s business climate, companies are in a constant state of change. Whether you are growing through acquisition or focusing on growth and divesting business units, IT Assets and the corresponding data can become roadblocks to due diligence and discovery.

Stratum’s Cloud Escrow solves that problem. Proven to be an effective tool for Board of Directors, Private Equity and Enterprise Management, Stratum isolates IT Assets being divested or acquired into cloud environments and ensures functionality while removing any roadblocks to the transaction.

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By The Numbers

Stratum has leveraged our Cloud Escrow process to assist all elements of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Our practice has helped save over $15 million in fees and project hours, while improving acquisition time by over 45%.

When faced with a tangled mess of IT Infrastructure inter-dependencies, Stratum has ensured that IT is no longer the roadblock to any transaction.


Money Saved/Earned

How We Do It

Stratum works with your IT organization to ensure that all data, applications, and security frameworks are maintained throughout the transaction. Starting with a simple list of inventory and assets, we move from basic inventory to iterative discovery, to relationship-based models ensuring that applications (and their data) continue to work from the discovery period through the final transaction.

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