Dynamics 365 for Retail provides mid-market and large retailers with a complete head office and point of sale (POS) solution that includes support for online and brick-and-mortar stores. It can help retailers increase financial returns, improve service, manage growth, reach customers, and streamline efficiencies.

Retail Components

  • Retail Headquarters: Retail headquarters for Dynamics 365 for Retail can be used to manage a chain of stores as one enterprise. It controls daily operations and tracks sales information for every store in the chain. Retail Scheduler coordinates communication between Dynamics 365 for Retail and the stores. Retail headquarters can be used with any POS or online store system that can receive and transmit the required data.
  • Retail POS: Dynamics 365 for Retail supports two types of POS experience:
    • Cloud POS is a browser-based POS that can be used on mobile devices.
    • Retail Modern POS (MPOS) can be used on clients such as PCs, tablets, and phones to process sales transactions, customer orders, and daily operations, and to perform inventory management.
  • Retail Server: Retail Server provides an OData web API that lets both employees and customers access information and perform tasks by using both Retail POS clients and the online store.
  • Hardware Station: Retail Hardware Station provides services that enable Retail POS clients, and peripherals such as printers, cash drawers, and payment devices to communicate with Retail Server.
  • Retail Store Scale Unit: Retail Store Scale Unit is a set of features that supports selling products in a store that does not have constant Internet connectivity to a back office or headquarters (HQ). The Store Scale Unit is designed specifically for in-store operation, and enables cross terminal transactions and shift operations even when you are not connected to the back office.
  • Retail Cloud Scale Unit: Retail Cloud Scale Unit is a set of components that enables Retail channel operations (such as point of sale operations) in a store or e-Commerce operation. Retail Cloud Scale Unit includes Retail Server, Retail channel database, and Cloud POS. Retail Cloud Scale Unit is hosted and managed by Microsoft. Retail Cloud Scale Unit supersedes the previous iteration of cloud-hosted Retail Server, Retail channel database, and Cloud POS.
  • Commerce Runtime: Commerce runtime (CRT) serves as the core engine that supports the business logic across the various channels. Commerce runtime contains a data access layer, services layer, workflow layer, and an application programming interface (API) layer.
  • Channel Database: A channel database holds Retail data for one or more retail channels, such as online stores or brick-and-mortar stores.
  • e-Commerce Platform SDK: The comprehensive e-Commerce platform lets you plug in a front-end online store that can take advantage of the omni-channel services of the platform. The software development kit (SDK) also consists of a sample online store that demonstrates how you can take advantage of the platform.
  • Retail SDK: The Retail SDK contains sample source code and templates that you can use to customize the Retail system.

Dynamics 365 for Retail – System Architecture

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