Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP for Small to Midsize and beyond

Grow beyond the limits of your basic accounting software. Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that’s easy to use and adapt, helping you connect your business and make smarter decisions.

Operations and Accounting in one!

Use ofsERP (previously known as OGFS) oilfield service ERP for all your field service operations, rental, maintenance, sales, hauling, and accounting functions and watch many of your headaches rapidly disappear. See why, as one oilfield office manager quipped: “This is like heaven on earth!”

With ofsERP you can quickly capture accurate information from field work, job tickets, and run tickets. Eliminate the duplicate and triplicate re-entering of hand-written orders and tickets into different software packages, spreadsheets, and operator invoicing systems. Generate integrated cash flow reports and see resource availability, utilization, and analytics in real time. Keep your finger on the pulse of profitability across all aspects of the business so you can make wise, informed decisions.

  • Financial Statements
  • User-configurable Dashboards
  • Inventory Management
  • Job Cost
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • End-to-End Supply Chain
  • Sales, Rentals, Billing, A/R
  • Fabrication/Manufacturing
  • Contact Relationship Mgt (CRM)
  • Reporting, Analytics, & KPIs
  • Purchasing and A/P
  • Fixed Assets

Centralize your equipment rental and inventory tracking

Track your rental equipment, tools, and consummable inventory in real-time. See what customer and well site all of your equipment is today and when it is scheduled for return. Monitor revenue for every unit in the field and always know how much profit they are contributing to each job or project. Generate integrated reports and see resource availability, utilization, and analytics in real-time.

  • Rental Order Mgt. & Scheduling
  • Location/Movement History
  • Tools, Equipment, Consummables
  • Assembly & Fabrication
  • Profitability, Availability, Utilization
  • Warehouse Mgt. & Supply
  • Customer Contract Pricing
  • Record Usage for Maintenance

Personnel scheduling, profitability, and accountability

Maximize your most valuable asset; your personnel. Assign personnel to work orders, rentals, deployments, whether billing for their services or not. Maintain full history of their location, movement, and work performed. Know who is available and when, to efficiently deploy personnel and increase customer satisfaction, minimize downtime and scheduling conflicts. Automate field tickets and prioritize tasks to keep your crew working on your top revenue-generating jobs. Standardize your processes and impress customers on every site.

  • Schedule Personnel and Crews
  • Send Ticket Time to Payroll
  • Employee Profitability
  • Assign Drivers to Truck
  • Employee Availability
  • Lost Tools/Equipment by Employee
  • Time Sheet Management
  • Allocate Wages to Cost of Jobs
  • Reconcile Time to Hours Billed
  • Employee Utilization & Time Off

Automate maintenance tracking and delivery

Ensure timely maintenance and stop losing equipment to failure. Minimize downtime and stop losing money from out of service equipment. Identify failure points across your inventory and anticipate maintenance issues before they cost you critical cash flow.

  • Preventative Maint., Repair, Inspection
  • Invoice Customers when Appropriate
  • Intervals by Days, Hours, Meter
  • Assign Parts and Track Inventory
  • Configurable Dashboard
  • Complete Service History
  • Auto Trigger Service Order upon Return from Field

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