Our Desktops as a Service runs in the Cloud on managed, enterprise-grade equipment purpose built to provide virtual desktops in a hardened, secure, and compliant data center with high-speed connections and industry leading client apps for your access. The management, administration, and maintenance of the infrastructure is included. With custom tailored service, security, access, data protection, disaster recover, and Active Directory integration.


Save Money

Stop paying internet charges for web surfing and save money on bandwidth by moving your user’s internet traffic to our high speed pipe and off of your local area network. Extend the service life of your existing PCs by repurposing them as Client devices, and use the devices you already have (Client, Windows, Mac, IOS, Android) to completely eliminate PC repair, maintenance, and replacement costs.

Free Up Cash

Put an end to large, periodic capital expenses to keep your network up to date. And the unexpected capital expenses to keep it running. Reduce your IT worked, complexity, and skillsets required. Stop pre-paying for headroom, unused capacity, and expansion capabilities.

Simple to Use

Every month your service can be updated to match your actual needs. None of the headaches or costs associated with owing your own virtual desktop infrastructure or any the extra, supporting hardware you’re supposed to have. And your application and your data are always yours.

Secure your Data

Gain control over your corporate data by controlling where users can save files. No more local drives to worry about. Confidently provide for BYOD and mobile use cases with added protection against data loss and exposure form hacking or device theft.

Mobile and Resilient

Secure access – Anywhere, any time, on any device! Easily switch between devices and locations. Deliver applications to your people instead of the other way around.

The Answer to The Question

So, who needs cloud computing? The answer is: Probably you. Cloud computing is a versatile, flexible solution for the modern world, offering more options and capabilities every day. Are you in the cloud?

That’s how we make business better.