Microsoft’s Azure platform provides a cost effective location for companies to host their Virtual Server machine instances for workloads such as application development, testing, file storage and secure off-site backups. There are, however, many other considerations for the design, build and migration to the Azure platform. Below are some of the items that Stratum Azure provides to you:

Azure VM Environment

1. Environment Design and Build

We will design and build the workloads for efficiency and expense management.

  • Design and create storage architecture and accounts using Resource Manager and Power shell
  • Windows virtual machines design and creation using Resource Manager and Power Shell
  • Attach storage to VMs
  • Physical and virtual network design including network security and connectivity
  • Firewall rules Management using Windows Firewall, IPTables ACLs, and the Azure Firewall
  • Attaching VMs to virtual network
  • Migration of current development VMs to Azure
  • Site to Site VPN Connection creation and monitoring for availability. (Your office to Azure via Express Route)
  • Active Directory integration and federation with you on-premises on MW hosted AD
  • User Account Management
2. Active Directory and Security

We design and implement security based upon your requirements. Some of the AD and security components we take care of are:

  • Security device (Firewall) configuration (rules) and management
  • Windows firewall and security management
  • Active directory design, creation and account implementation
  • Identity and access management
  • Access control into you environment per your requirements (Dev and Customers?)
  • AD Federation design and management for SSO if required
  • File migration to the new environment
  • Only TWO concurrent connections are possible to an Azure guest VM unless RDP is enabled.
3. Monitoring and Alerting

Workload Monitoring for performance and availability. We take corrective action to keep the environment available to you.

  • We manage the development systems operations for Windows VMs. We proactively perform patching and serve OS maintenance for you environment.
  • We proactively manage your VPN connectively between your office and Azure.

The Answer to The Question

So, who needs cloud computing? The answer is: Probably you. Cloud computing is a versatile, flexible solution for the modern world, offering more options and capabilities every day. Are you in the cloud?

That’s how we make business better.