Cloud Managed Services

A US-based Energy company spent over 5% of their yearly gross revenue on legacy support models and on-premise infrastructure. Average capital expenditures were stretched past five years resulting in outdated systems and technical risks. Traditional models took months to approve, acquire and deploy on-premise infrastructure which simply couldn’t keep up with the business. Executives decided to explore the agility and flexibility of Public clouds to improve technical performance, accelerate growth and reduce costs and leveraged Stratum’s expertise.

Cloud Managed Service Providers

Stratum started by assessing 400 servers to determine risks, rewards, disaster recovery options, application readiness and ROI across Microsoft Azure environments. This allowed the Energy customer to leverage the best aspects of multiple clouds for a best-in-class solution. Stratum experts created a CIO/CTO three-year Playbook to improve performance, cut costs, modernize environments and get back to running a better business.

Stratum assessments took a 360°look at all aspects of the IT environments delivering:
  • Cloud Application Readiness
  • Cloud Performance
  • Cloud Cost Estimates
  • Cloud Architecture Workshops
  • Strategic Envisioning Exercises
  • Cloud Migration and Support Costs

Stratum assessment findings leverage a proprietary grading system, mature performance metrics, and are categorized into a migration roadmap. This process has been proven across Enterprises in Defense, Energy, Engineering, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Professional Services, Retail and Software.


Stratum methodology identifies low risk candidates for proof of concepts to build confidence and accelerate cloud adoption.


Assessments are completed in two to four weeks “sprints” to minimize downtime to staff and business divisions.


Stratum resources are trusted advisors to industry leaders and possess a minimum of five years experience on Azure.

Moving to Azure doesn’t need to be painful. Stratum became an extension of the Energy customer to design, configure and build a scalable, protected network prior to any migration activities. Networks were outdated and existing network configurations included: F5, Palo Alto, Juniper and Cisco. Stratum modernized the network topology, implemented new security rules and built the configuration for modern technologies at scale. The final network included VPNs and dedicated MPLS connections from regional offices to multiple cloud regions for dev, test and production.

Migration efforts were organized into sprints based on “application families.” These workstreams incorporate application databases (SQL, mySQL, Oracle, Postgres), application integrations, High-Availability, necessity to recode or modify code, and Operating System (Windows, CentOS, RHEL).

Program Managers led a team of Architects and Engineers across refactoring and lift-asshift efforts in three (3) week sprints. These sprints allowed Stratum to isolate specific applications and business units. This is vital to accelerate cloud adoption and eliminate risk of downtime.

As part of the design and migration process, Stratum implemented a variety of backup and Disaster Recovery solutions to meet demands of specific Energy applications. Applications were scored and placed into Critical Groups (Critical 1, 2 or 3) to provide an Executive “T-Shirt Size” summary. Depending on the Critical score, Stratum implemented the appropriate solution for its SLA and budget requirements. This process is vital to any organization that wishes to adopt a cloud strategy. Stratum also manages backups and Disaster Recovery on behalf of the customer through Stratum BUaaS (Backup-as-a-Service) and DRaaS (Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service).

Why Migrate to Azure with Stratum?

  • Cloud agnostic, vendor neutral methodology
  • Experts in Public, Private and Hybrid architecture
  • Specialists on Windows, Linux and open source platforms
  • Experience across 200+ Enterprise and Public Sector migrations
  • Local, U.S.-based teams allow for easy communication
  • Support across all aspects of your cloud journey
Migrate to Azure with Stratum

Post-migration, Stratum supported environments by offering extensive experience with networking, optimizing, automating and patching cloud workloads. Stratum provided day two support allowing the Energy customer to focus on innovation and growing market share. Stratum was able to optimize the cloud environments and save the customer money through infrastructure and storage consolidation efforts.

Security and compliance are vital components to cloud adoption and overlooking gaps is a major risk. Stratum follows strict US Federal/SLG protocols including SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2, FedRAMP, ITAR, PCI, PII, and NIST compliance.

Stratum teams are spread across multiple regions to ensure uptime even during natural disasters. Executives and Governments trust Stratum to manage their cloud environments.

Cloud Monitoring Service

Optimization and Managed Services

  • Cloud Security Management
  • Cloud Application Management
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Managed Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Backups
  • O/S Patch Management
  • Office365 Management
  • Cloud Log Management
  • VM Restoration
  • Load-balancing and Auto-scaling
  • Cloud Backup Services
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Cloud Integration Services
  • Monthly Health Reports
  • Intrusion Detection Services
  • Service Level Agreements

Our service and solutions are designed to eliminate waste,
keep your systems safe, and protect your data.

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