At Stratum, we strive to see our customers succeed.  In the case of those reading this blog, I wish the same for you as well.  This is where compliance checks fit into the picture.  Now that you’ve taken the time to work thru the other portions of the governance lifecycle, it is now time to make sure you are adhering to the policies you’ve defined.  It is time to audit for compliance!

Compliance checks complete the lifecycle, and lead you into the remediation of issues.

Compliance checks, in my opinion, are the most important ongoing part of this lifecycle.  The governance lifecycle will lead you to identify your regulations, help you define your requirements, and aid in creating policies. However, it is the actual effort put into compliance checks and establishing compliance standards which keep you running smoothly.

Compliance Checks

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Depending upon the size of your organization or department, determine the frequency of compliance checks.  For example, should they be done quarterly, bi-annually, or annually is the question here. These are all good starting points.  Establish an ongoing cycle of compliance checks to help keep your environment up to the standard you have established. This is not the point in time in which you burn everything to the ground and start over (unless you truly need to, no judgment here).

The future of the lifecycle

Now that your first audit is complete, begin to plan out future projects in order to become more compliant. Firstly, begin to establish or improve your security baselines. Likewise, add more identified regulations to your environment. Potentially rewrite a set of requirements or remake a few policies. You might restructure your checks or even your department itself to ensure you are striving towards compliance. Being 100% compliant is truly a wonderful thing, however continually working towards that goal is also a journey that you and your team can be proud of. Above all this establishes good governance, and that’s where we want to be!

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How Cloud is Taking IT Governance Out of The Stone Age Part 5: Compliance and the Will to Succeed!
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